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lagom consultancyLagom Consultancylɑ̀ːgɔm : The perfect, the best, just enough

Lagom Consultancy website is now live, www.lagomconsultancy.co.uk

With a reputation built over 23 years, LAGOM Early Years Consultants have extensive experience in the Private Sector providing businesses with a unique combination of academic, professional and creative perspectives. LAGOM Early Years Consultancy is a high quality, bespoke service which is built on a sound understanding of current Educational Issues and has a proven track record of driving positive and profitable results for clients through creative and strategic thinking. Combined with an informed and respectful external view of your business, we provide an exclusive service for the most discerning of customers who strive towards outstanding practice.


  • Find a balance which enhances the core values of your business without compromising on quality 

  • Create Design and Marketing solutions with our in house Graphics Design Team 

  • Apply a hands on approach to involve every member of your staff team in the consultancy process 

  • Apply current educational research based criteria to your training and development plans




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